The Notebook (2004)

Hi guys,after so long of reviewing thriller/action movies in my blog,today,I would like to do film review on a hit romance film back in 2004 entitled The Notebook…

The Notebook,one of Nicholas Spark’s novel was adapted into a major screen film in the year 2004 with the same name as the novel itself. As usual, Spark’s works were always related to romance and melodramatic storyline which revolve around a man and a woman with different backgrounds.

The movie was  a bit slow in the beginning where an old man was telling a love story of Noah and Allie to an old woman at a nursing home.The summer love story of Noah and Allie is illustrated in the movie and I can say that their love story is cliché.This is because Noah was a country boy with a low-wage job had a summer romance with the girl whom he ran into on one night at a theme park,Allie, an educated girl from a wealthy family.Both of them had a really good time spent together although they  argued sometimes. Unfortunately,Allie’s parents forbid her from having relationship with Noah whose background is not on par and equal to them.Later,when Allie’s met a new guy with a good job in the city,her parents was so happy with that and approved their relationship.On the other hand,Noah who has never distinguished his love for Allie,has renovated an old home into a new large mansion to realize their dream of living together in the  new house one day.His success in rebuilding the house managed to lure Allie to be with him again though Allie has engaged at that time.Because the storyline seems to be predictable and a bit similar just like other romance movie where  the lovebirds have to be separated because of different classes, that’s why it sounds a bit cliché in the beginning.


What makes the film was a major success back then?

I believe that  there was something different in the movie compared to others.

There’s a plot twist.

I was bored at first. But that ‘plot twist’ managed to captivate my attention towards the movie.What has happened was that Noah turns out to be the old man and Allie was actually the old woman in the nursing home.In the present day,Noah who is at old age now is trying to tell their love story to her wife,Allie,the old woman who is suffering from senile dementia.He’s reading the story from a notebook in order to help her wife cure and remember her past.The real identity of the old man and the old woman is not revealed in the beginning of the movie,so,when I find out the truth,it truly amazed me and managed to keep me on watching  the  movie till the end…

Since this movie have its own unique way of presenting the love story of two different people with different background,I truly recommend for those who love romance  movies to watch The Notebook(2004).


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